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AP Government and Politics Notes
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hi. these are AP government and politics chapter and additional reading notes for KP students. these are merely test and quiz review notes that you can use to study. it takes a lot of work to type them up, so i might as well share. :)

currently this only contains quiz overviews but as tests approach, and midterms approach, i may compile more succinct notes based on past quizzes. since many people don't type their notes, it would be useful to have them to look back on, especially in a form you can highlight and edit.

the book i use is american government: institutions and policies, published by houghton mifflin company. all information posted belongs to them blahblahblah.

disclaimer: these notes may be incorrect. i'm not going to purposely make them wrong so you fail, but i'm human and i don't always have all the information or chose the right information. it's your job to check it if you use this. i'm normally not that nice and this is my way to make it up. if you use these, don't yell at me if you get something wrong. i'm doing this to be nice, not to make profit.